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My Night With Loki

A bang sends me straight up, hairs on my arm doing the same. “Hello? Is that you Claire? Quit knocking ‘bout!” I shout as the grip on the sheets tighten. A deep laugh comes from one of the corners of the room. “Who’s there?” My voice shaking in fear.

"Foolish Midgardian, do you really not know who I am? Yet you dream of my presence, calling my name out in that dirty head of yours" the deep British voice sends chills down my spine.

“Show yourself” I say gently wanting to confirm my thoughts. His black hair shines from the light of the moon, he slowly approaches me on the bed taking the breath from my lungs.

"Don’t be silent now dear" he laughs deeply. "Loki" I mumble.

His smirk grows as he sits at the foot of my bed, my body begins to tense with so much sexual tension. “I’ve been in your head my sweet. And those dirty, lustful thoughts caught my attention. Do you wish for me to fulfill them?” He says eyes gleaming with lust.

My lips quivers, “Its not a dream” he says answering my unasked question.

"Prove it" I raise my eyebrow receiving a sly smirk from the God of Mischief and Lies.

He crawls next to me placing his hand on my cheek laying his lips upon mine, they feel real and my body confirms it by the way it reacted when our lips met. His tongue tease my lips, then pulls away as his hand travels down to my neck along with his lips. Every inch of my body tingles at his touch.

"Goosebumps? Oh you have a long night ahead of you my sweet little pet" his chest shakes with a deep laughter.

His lips suck the skin on my shoulder. I bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning. “Don’t be afraid my little whore” my eyes widen as I push him away forcefully.

"If you were truly in my mind then you would know that I’m a virgin" I defend.

His smile grows “Yes I know that. But your thoughts, they contain such dirty content and that shows just how horny you are and how ready you are to rid that name”

The silence confirms his thoughts. Loki moves the hair from your tank top strap. “No bra. How convenient”

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    Incubus (written by Ovri)


Well, the consensus appears to be overwhelmingly in favour of dirty, at least every now and again. Not to worry, I’ll still do plenty of cleaner things too, poetry/literature readings and dirty whispers, etc.

Here’s a requested script I performed elsewhere, entitled Incubus (written by Ovri). It contains demonic seduction, lucid dreaming, domination and some dirty talking/vulgar terms, so consider yourself warned. It is most definitely NOT safe for work, and rest assured I’ll tag all these sorts of things as such. I decided to perform it in a voice that I think is pretty much identical to my Loki voice, but it’s not meant to be Loki himself (though I suppose you could certainly picture it that way, if you wanted.)

There’s also an alternate version which was pitched down to create a much deeper, demonic voice. It sounds a bit like Idris Elba’s Heimdall from Thor, actually.

Feel free to let me know if you enjoyed it, it’s always nice to hear.

Holy Odin

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